Sunday, August 1, 2010

Opened that door and found sunshine..

I was lost until I saw a door in front of me but wouldn't dare to open it up to see what's behind that door. I've been staring at the door and thought hard. How would it be outside if I opened it up.
Suddenly out of the blue, perhaps with the Almighty's will, I took a peek. 

It seemed wonderful from where I stood. The first thing that mesmerized me the most was the..... sunshine. The charming sunshine. It called me out. To feel its warmth and share the happiness like the others did. I was too long in the dark and the sudden warmth was overwhelming. I felt so welcomed. I stumbled on my first few steps but the enchanting sunshine led me the way. My blood rushed and my heart was racing as if I might be not be able to feel the warmth again tomorrow. 

I strolled down the narrow path and left trails behind so that I won't forget from where I came from. It was fascinating because it reminded me how was it felt to be loved again. The ambience was so bewitching. I skipped, I jumped, I rolled over and wandered.... If I have wings, I may even flew too..

Then I looked back. Walked back to the door where I came from. Guilt started to rushed all over me. I wanted to shut it down, but it pleaded me not to. It was sad. To let me go. I've promised that I wouldnt leave as I've been in there for such a long time. It had been my life, my soul all this while. I looked back at the sunshine begging for it to understand. Suddenly....

The warmth had slowly gone.

Now, I feel cold. It really creeps me off.

I tried to reach inside but no one was there. I tried to reach the sunshine but it turned its back on me. I turned white myself. I don't know what to do. I felt like crying but there were no tears. I felt like dying but that's forbidden for me to do.

Damage has been done. I've to live with it. Trapped in the middle.  perhaps.. forever...

How I wish I could mend the damage done...

*pics credit to google.

notakaki: Amie selalu kata J suke fikir yang bukan-bukan.. :( Kalau J tak fikir, sape yang nak tolong fikirkan untuk J? ade tak yang sudi?

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