Thursday, January 29, 2009


I came back to KL yesterday as I promised my pupils to take them for stamina training before the competition. So.. we went here.. After a few rounds. They requested to play at the playground. they a 2 sets of playground there. And also an immitate of gym equipments.. (aku pun baru perasan). So, oklah.. dah penat lari.. pegi la main...

tak hengat punya gayut.... kite nak train otot kaki dia, dia sibuk bergayut sana sini...

CNY Holiday

Happy Chinese New Year to you (if u celebrate lah... ^-^)
I know I've rested enough during my 1 month trip tp Kuwait, therefore this CNY break is not really a holiday for me. As soon as I reached hometown, my auntie insists me to accompany her to the computer shop. She needs a new monitor and a new laptop. We went in and out all the computer shops nearby. She still couldn't find the one. CNY is so near and they're closing. She wanted DELL. So I suggested her to buy DELL online. And this phrase will always comes out from her "Alaa... Achik tak gheti... Macam mana nak buat?" Obviously, she's not an IT savvy. Guided her step by step... done.

The next day, she invited me and mom to join her kids swimming at TJSB Recreation centre. Since we got nothing to do, I followed. It was a sunny day, and I brought along my school work. It feels nice to sit under a big umbrella by the pool next to the sea. The coolness of the sea breeze is very refreshing... Late in the afternoon I joined my cousin playing tennis. Not really good at it, I just play for fun. Before we went home, the sky started to darkened and manage to snap this view...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some interesting things I found in Kuwait

Bila nampak teaset nih.. cantik sangat... maklumlah I like purple colour...2 teapot, 6 small cute cups and saucers dan 6 small glasses. Rasa nak beli sangat dah.. bila tanya harga satu set 52KD.. mak aih... kalau darab dgn 13.++ dah bape dah..?? terus kensel.. :(

Fulla.. So cute. Nasib baik I'm not sooo into Barbie Dolls. So.. ambik gambar ajer lah . Price... almost RM100 la jugak.

Kotex.. I like the packaging. Simple and modern. Made in Saudi Arabia. Traffic light dia ade dua. The big one, on top. The smaller one kat bawah.. Comel jer..
I found this signboard. Terigt kat KFC Malaysia... Disini mostly the signboard will be in both Arab & English Language. Contohnya kalau McDonald. Ejaan dlm arab, mim-kaf-dal-wau-nun-lam-dal...
This is the best part... very kinky.. They DO buy these and wear them at home... for their husband's eye only hokey!!!

Last sekali.. terjumpa terung ni. Nak beli terung untuk masak kari ikan masin. Terjumpalah terung nih. Subhanallah ciptaan Allah...

(ACtually I found one that really resembles 'that'.. tapi takmo le buh sini... huhuhu..)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hari pertama sekolah

First of all Happy New Year!

It was an exhausted day, I can say. I've managed to keep my punch card record clean throughout the year of 2008. unfortunately, on the first day of schooling day, which happen to be today, I punched it RED! aarrghhh... I was late 3 minutes. just 3 minutes...!!!!!!! Tapi sebenarnya, mesin punch card tu cepat 5 minit... Spoil betul la... Tau-tau je la, KL on the first day of the week.. jalan penuh dengan kereta.. tapi the next day, Selasa sampai Khamis, takde pulak sebanyak kereta di pagi Isnin. Takkan mereka tu kerja hari Isnin je kot???

I was assigned to be a class teacher again. After the assembly, I took my new students to their class. Bila semua dah masuk, satu hal pulak, kerusi meja tak cukup!! I've prepared all the tables and chairs according to the list prepared by the previous teacher. I had to run out and find some chairs first before they start to make fuss. Masa tu sorang-sorang ibu bapa masuk kelas nak berurusan dengan saya. Alhamdulillah.. mereka beri kerjasama yang baik. I let the kids settle down first.

Suddenly came one parent.
P: Anak saya nak pindah sekolah ni. Saya nak ambil fail peribadi anak.
Me: Encik boleh pergi ke pejabat dan ambil fail ti di sana. Semua fail muris kelas ni ada di pejabat.
P: Saya dah pergi tapi mereka suruh cari guru kelas.
Me: Maafkan saya. Tak ada satu pun fail murid kelas ni dalam simpanan saya. Takpe la, encik tunggu sebentar saya cuba cari fail anak encik.
P: Boleh cepat sikit tak, saya nak ke Rawang ni, kesekolah baru anak saya.
Me: *Adussssss....*

As the conversation ends, I saw a long queue outside the class... I got to settle this fast. I excuse myself and asked the parents to wait for a while. Ran down as fast as I can. Get the file and get back to the class. kutip semua bayaran insurans RM1.50 sorang dan selesai.. Alhamdulillah...
selesai keduaya-duanya..

And now I had to hang out at the cyber cafe to get some info for my interview tomorrow!

Teachers and their free time...

A teacher somewhere in your neighborhood tonight will be grading papers and preparing lessons to teach your children while you are watching television. In the minute it takes you to read this, teachers all over the world are using their "free time", and often investing their own money, for your child's literacy, prosperity, and future.

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