Saturday, October 2, 2010

Klinik Haiwan Kesayangan, Sri Damansara

Mummy dah mula sakit.. alamak! I guess it must be the virus from Chaca. Poor Mija.

This is actually my second visit to this clinic. I brought Gomok previously. He healed and survived healthily until now. Alhamdulillah. I still remembered that I was totally freaked out when he fell sick. I googled here and there to find the nearest vet. That was when I found this address.

For ur reference. ^_^
I would recommend to you who live around this area. He's a really nice and friendly doctor. He also sells dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters food and litter sand as well.

This time around I brought Mija. She should be 1 year and half (plus) by now because when I adopted her, she was maybe at 2 or 3 months already.  "Hi... What's the complain dear?" (referring to Mija not me la of cos..) After describing what I'd observed and explained a bit her condition he examined her. Doc said that she had an ulcer in her mouth (or.. mouth pouch to be precise). It's quite bad actually. She might have passed her lifespan also. I'm afraid that she might have reached her time.

taknak cucukkkk.... akit tau!!

So.. I'm praying for a miracle that she'll recover and respond to the medication. I'll inject her and give you oral medication for her. What's her name again? 

her name is Mija.

Make sure you feed her twice daily for 5 to 7 days. Okay.. Thanks Doc! Sure.. no problem. Hope she'll recover yeah?


notakaki:  She responded well to the med for now. Bengkak dah surut.. harap-harap anak mama sorang  sekor ni, sembuh ye?


  1. i prefer ubat air to be given to my cat. senang sket nak kasi dorang minum. klu ubat pil, it's a nightmare nak kasi my cats makan. huhu. dulu siap bawak my cat balik jumpa doktor suruh doktor kasi makan ubat. senang plak tgk doktor tu kasi my cat makan ubat pil

  2. cian Mija, aunty meow doakan smoga Mija cepat sembuh yer ;)

  3. Zara: Thanks..

    Imran: Hammies lagi la kecik kan? Sbb tu agaknyadia bagi ubat air. Tu pun pandai luah-luah balik.. macam badik baby mkn ubat pun ade.. haaih..

    Meowmania: Maceh aunty!


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