Thursday, October 21, 2010


Kebas jiwa. 

Kebas perasaan. 

Emosi mati. 

Rindu sangat dengan mummy Mija... (-_-)

Maaf... kerana masih tidak berjaya membina tembok kekuatan dalam diri ini. 

notakaki: I took 4 years plus to recover previously, and now.. how many years would I be needing to heal? haaiihh... I'm praying for miracles from Allah, so that I'll not be waiting too long again this time.


  1. Ms J jgn sesedey ekk...senyum selalu :)

  2. for whatever reason that caused the numbness in you... just give yourself a chance to recover... put some faith on others as well... don't let the past haunting your life throughout.... after all.... you deserve to be happy dear...

  3. Meowmania: I will..

    K. Emi: I gave myself the chance. I've put faith on others. I've opened my heart again. Eventuallly, they let me down too...


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