Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm high...

High of caffein. I've had 3 mugs full of kopi O since afternoon and now I feel like having another mug. Yup.. I need more caffein

According to an article from CoolQuiz, Caffein is an addictive drug. It may alter and stimulate our natural state of brain. But if you consume more than 300mg daily, and suddenly you stop consuming...

" you will suffer from symptoms of fatigue and depression, irritability, tremors, jumpiness, deprivation of deep sleep, and vascular headaches, as the blood vessels in the brain dilate. Caffeine, however, can be medically useful as a cardiac stimulant, and also as a mild diuretic used to flush the system."

Anyhow, for now I just love the short term effects.... sebab long term effect tak life threatening katanya.. hehe..

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