Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flu is bugging me..

There were times I was okay. Straight headed. Eyes cleared. I can breath normally.

There were also times when the nostrils were so damn itchy which leads to a series of unfortunate events sneezing (bersin sampai bergegar blok rumah aku nieh.. akekeke) The phlegm started to block my nose. Eyes gone red. I could feel as if my brain expanded. Mouth went dry since I had to breath through it and all I need right now is just drugs that could kill the virus and flush them out away from my body.

It had been 3 days.


Dear J,
please do not forget to drop by at the pharmacy to get the medicine today!
~mental note to myself~


  1. musim org selsema nih kut. cuaca pun tak menentu. kejap panas giler, pastu kejap hujan plak

  2. agaknye lah..
    btw, ubat dah beli.. phlegm sudah agak kering... weee.. :)


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