Friday, July 17, 2009

New Moon

I've read Twilight.

Whenever I started to flip the pages, I couldn't stop.
A very intriguing book, indeed.
Please read if you're into vampires...

It was recommended by my cousin and I got myself addicted and bought the whole set of it. Kebetulan pulak ada pesta buku sana sini. So, I manage to get them all with a good price.

Now, I'm on the second book. Started on last Monday and halfway through...
Some said it was a little bore.
But there's a part where I almost cried. (hehe.. emo..)

Will be spending the reast of the day reading New Moon I guess.
Before that I'll have to fry some keropok first...
(yeah.. I know. it's a bad habbit eating oily food while reading a book)


  1. Vegetable oil? That's vegetable kan? Ha ha ha...

  2. vegetable oil?? Ape cik marts cakap ni.. tak paham lah.. huhuhu


Nak cakap apa tadi? Sila..sila..

Teachers and their free time...

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