Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm a granny???

I went back home late yesterday. It was really late. I was worried that my hammy were hungry. I saw Mija sitting quietly at one corner... with eyes open.. NOT sleeping. She doesn't move at all since I reached home. She doen't behave that way since she's an active hammy.

I thought she's still having her mood swing as the day before she had a terrible tantrum messing up the cage. I mean a total mess. She moved the toilet bath and the food bowl, here and there, until they end up turned upside down. While the bedding were strewn all over the place outside the cage.

The moment I put their food inside the cage. Immediately Mija had a mouthfull of all the grains. But not Jimi. He was pacing here and there. Peeking from their small house but he didn't went down until all grains were gone. (it was all in Mija's mouth pouch). The moment I pick up Jimi, J saw something wiggling in the bedding.

Alhamdulillah..... Mija dah beranak!!!!!!!! To 7 cute babies.. heheh...comel! comel ke??? Mata pun tak bukak lagik..

I thought I just saw then mating for the second time on Sunday.... Berapa lama ek hamster bunting??? Kena google ni nanti...

Mija dah terberanak awal la pulak... tak sempat nak beli cage baru. Terus keluarkan Jimi dan asingkan... Takut dia makan pulak budak-budak kenit tu... Lepas Jimi dah duduk luar, baru la Mija return to herself back. Dia turun naik, ronda satu cage. Maybe nak check sama ada Jimi memang betul-betul takde.

This pic bukan nak tunjuk Mija makan anak dia... She's just trying to pull back her baby to the siblings... macam mana ntah boleh berjalan jauh... All the babies were placed warmly underneath her tummy to milk them... hmm... Does that means I'm a granny???? Oh tidak!!!!! hiks.
Nota kaki: Ade sesape nak jual used habitrail hamster cage???


  1. Salam.

    Ziarah balik. Sy pun ada bela hamster dengan banyak dulu sebab suka binatang. Siap bercucu cicit lagi. Suka tgk anak2 hamster, sgt2 comel.

    Tapi skrg kucing je. :-D

  2. aku ade... nk ke??

    tp mcmner nk bg???

  3. rasanya baru jek J bawak balik dua org tu kan....cepat betul...hehe

  4. tahniah...jaga la 'cucu2' tu elok2 ye...kikiki.

  5. marts: Kite suke kuceng awak!!! Geram je tgk sbb SIHAT & gebu sangat... hehe..Dah lama takde gambo die kan?

    Aznee: Camne kite nak kontek awak? nombo lama tak dpt pun.

    WGP: A'a.. baru je lagi.. mungkin die preknen 3 minggu kot.


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