Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday... I caught a pupil CHEATING!!! It was not her first attempt but THIRD. She managed to got away for the first two cheats. Well... What did she cheated on? The previous on was her English and Mathematics Intervensi 2 exam papers. She managed to took back the English papers both paper 1 and paper 2 and seek help from he elder sister to do it for her. And, the maths paper, she scribbled "the other girl that she hates' " paper after copying the answers. I just coouldn't believe it, to know that all those so called clever actions were done in the staffroom.

It was indeed an unfortunate day for her yesterday. As I was seating in the staffroom calculating the attendance in the record book at my table and I saw her opening a box underneath my colleague's table from the corner of my eyes. Suddenly I remembered, I overheard my colleague said to place the answer and question papers on his table after completing it.

I quickly called her and had a session of interrogation. Of course she would deny. Instead she gave an excuse that she's looking for a stapler. Takkan la nak cari staple dalam kotak bawah meja kan???? Tak logik sungguh. So... I took her paper and stapled it for her. Then I opened the box and aaa..... I saw a stack of question papers dan the top one looked like it was forcely inserted. I took out the paper and Got you this time! All the answers were totally same!

Unfortunate for her again.. her mother was there at school, to meet the class teacher.... habisla... konpem kena belasah balik rumah tu...

nota kaki: berani sungguh budak-budak sekarang.. dalam bilik guru pun berani buat projek... Yang buat sakit hati tu.. dia boleh buat muke rilek jer.. rase nak sepak pun ada!!!


  1. ish ish ish sabar je lah.. tumpang rase geram kak..
    berani betol la bdak zmn skrg ni..

  2. budak sekarang tak macam kita dulu...nak meniru pun ketor satu badan...tak berani pun nak toleh kat kawan sebelah masa pulak budak sekolah rendah dah berani n pandai...tak tau la bila masuk universiti esok cane.


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