Friday, July 17, 2009

Buang duit

Wedges cap buaya J tak bley pakai semula buat sementara waktu. Tapak kat tumit lekang balik.. mm.. apa nak pakai gi sekolah ni???(Oh yer.. J bukan jenis gila kasut. So I don't have many extra collections. Kalau ade pun tak seswai pakai ke sekolah..) J dah lama tak shopping kasut. mm.. my feet are very sensitive. So, I need to find comfy shoes or sandals.. Nak beli cap Scholl.. haruslah tak dapek yer? Tgh bulan ni..
Dah lama tak bergaya dengan heels.. my previous most favourite 'kasut' to school was from cap buaya jugak... Tapi kali ni beli kejap jer pakai dah nak punah... Ganaz tul J nih.. Finally I made up my mind to buy this. I actually liked the other two other heels. Takde size la pulak...RM45 only. Simple but comfy.

Dah lama teringin nak beli benda alah ni... I have two of this brand at home, which I love to use them frequently. No hassle. Tak risau melekat. Tak susah nak sental bagai. I have 2 pans, 16cm and 32 cm in size. Both were bought during my visit to Kuwait last year. And both cost less that RM60. But there they don't have this stirfry pan. I saw this pan in JJ Kepong. Malas pikir panjanglah.. beli ajo lah..

The actual price was RM129.00. Last week, I remembered I saw the price was RM99. But yesterday, the price was cheaper... Lagilah J suka kan?!...

J sangat suka lah.. And Aiden called. Siapa Aiden? My mom's property negotiator. So, I spent almost 2 hours at his office. We discussed on suitable houses and areas to consider and some other stuff and had to pay him RM300 for registration. Terobang lagi duit J.. Anyway, balik nanti nak claim dengan Mem besar!

A list of houses dah dapat. So, will be busy with house hunting next week with my Momma.

nota kaki: Will be away for the weekend... LDP-KLIA-MRSM-KL... boleh tak tuang tangki minyak dengan minyak sawit????

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  1. tefal itu tersangat la best. igt nak amik lg satu la. yg ada skang ni free sbb redeem points. kalo points dah cukup lg nnti (n tefal pn ada dlm list), nak redeem lg la.


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