Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New books

I've just finished reading If You could See me now by Cecilia Ahern. Interesting but it took me a whole month to finish reading it due to my 'sebokness tahap gaban' ... huhuhu... (exaggerate je lebih..)
I bought these new books.. but yet there's two more to complete the set by Stephenie Meyer. They sold at MPH at the price of RM188 per box of 4 books with 15% discount for member cardholders. However I got a better offer at POPULAR bookstore, by which they offer 20% discounts each for member cardholders (I own one member card! Yeay..!) 

So.. definitely will go there again to complete the whole set... 

nota kaki: Terlebih belanja pulak untuk buku bulan nih... Esok nak pegi bookfair kat Mines lagik... alemak.. (garuk kepala) Takpe.. naseb duit sejuk lebih bulan nih... huhuhu..


  1. whoaa...sudah layan twilight nyer series ek...aku gak yg blom beli2 lagi...remember me sophie kinsella pun aku tak abih baca lagi...since aku pregnant dulu...hahaha

  2. Best... I couldn't stop reading Twilight. Habis dalam 4 hari jer. Tak sabar nak sambung next book..


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