Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barang Lama

2 days ago, I helped my mom spring cleaning. We sort of trying to clear up all old things which I end up keeping some of it.. hehe.. While rummaging through the things in the old cupboard, I found these things. My form 3 KH Musical Coin Box project... It's still in good condition except for a little dusty... The label is still intact, but torn at one corner. I was in 3 Bainun that year.
Ma suggested to take this back and start "mari menabung syiling'' program.. yeah.. why not? simpan sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.. I actually sew the coin box cover myself. (bangga nih..)

The coin box. I'm happy to see how fine my hand works was... kemas jer..
The circuit. I do remember that I was very extra careful with this circuit. Siap ukur dengan pembaris lagi sebelum bengkokkan kaki LED dan fius bagai tu.. Tak tau benda ni masih berfungsi ke tak.. tak jumpa bateri nak test. nanti lah kot.. Pastu jumpa benda ni pulak.. My mom bought this when I was 5. Lama giler tuh... tapi benda ni tak reput lagi. Kalau tak silap harga dalam Rm100+. Zaman tu nilainya terasa sangat mahal.... jadi penjagaannya sangatlah berhati-hati. Maybe that was one of the reason this this still exist today! hikss..

I played this on my own jer. My big bro was never allowed by me to touch these cubes of alphabets, numbers and pictures.. Kedek nya J..

Mari kita mengeja.. Ini buah apa?I guess this self learning aid was one of the jumpstart for me to be what I am now..

Alhamdulillah... So.. I decided to pass this to my niece and nephew. Semoga korang jadi 'orang' macam maksu. (^v^)

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  1. aku ade permainan ni.. ayah aku beli masa kecik2.. rege dia time tue rm300++.. skrg ade jual jugak.. tapi aku tgk kualiti dh xbest.. nipis n fregile..


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