Friday, June 19, 2009

Jimi & Mija

Introducing my anak-anaks.. hiks.. Cute kan???

Mija is the one that has soft brown fur and she's a female. The other is Jimi, male hammy. I found them through Each costs RM10 only. The owner has A LOT and wanted to sell 3 for RM25. Unfortunately, the cage that I have is not big enough to fit in 3 hammy, so I took home a pair only.

A pose from Mija

Jimi cleaning himself..

Run Jimi ! Run!... hehe..


  1. kiyutnya ja....
    dah bape ari dah dorg jadik anak angkat?

  2. hamster aku dah mati.. huhhu..

  3. warung GAJAH PUTEH: Baru 3 hari jer.. Geram jugak sebab comel sangat!! Pulak tu dua-dua aktif. Tak reti dok diam..

  4. elok la bela pets...boleh buat main...lalala~~~


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