Saturday, February 15, 2014

Short Trip to the North

Recently, my family and I went for a short trip to the north and the destination is Perlis. My father and I alternately took turn to drive the car. The weather was bright and hot. Before we reach our destination, we planned to go to Padang Besar and on our way there, we passed by the sugar cane estate in Chuping. Unfortunately, what I saw was this....

I was informed by a friend that it has been closed and some of the area had been used to plant  rubber trees. 

 Landmarks that can be seen on your way to Padang Besar.

Behind the monument is Putra Palace Hotel which is near to our homestay.

This is where we stayed. Damai Homestay in Kampung Guru. By the way, it's very near to the town and the house is very convenient for families who are on vacation.

On the next day, we went to Taman Anggur Perlis. It was quite upsetting because there's no grapes on sale.

Pak Mat had previously bought this Black Opal grape and they tasted sweet and juicy. Too bad because there were no grapes for sale that day.

Later that night, we went dinner at the Embun Beringin BBQ Steamboat, in Behor Pulai. You should try them out. It's RM10 perhead for the steamboat & bbq, which is very CHEAP!!!!

On our way back, we stopped by here, in Kedah and no photos were taken after that since I was the one behind the wheels. 

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