Sunday, February 9, 2014


One afternoon, I saw this furry ball under a car, sleeping on a hot sunny day. On the next day, when I was about to head to school for my night class, I saw him sitting majestically, eyeing on me. 

The round eyes it's hard to resist. I meowed him and immediately he followed my footsteps. I was in a hurry and told him to wait until I come back, so that he can eat something for the day.

As soon as I reached the parking again after I came back from the school, I called him out and out of nowhere he came running and mewing happily (I guess).

I named him Gebu.

Alhamdulillah... Thank you for giving me this opportunity to do a little good deed to other creatures. Hope to see Gebu again after this. And I do hope that other strays would enjoy this kind of treats too from my fellow neighbours and you too readers. ^_^ 

Let's us do this guys! 

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  1. hai Gebu...Ya Allah ..please embrace Gebu with your Compassion and always protect him from any harm where ever he goes. Amin


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