Monday, July 30, 2012

Tiring and Worrying Monday

I really wish I could sleep like him whenever I like...

I didn't sleep late last night but I felt tired and sleepy today. I was quite embarresed when a kid asked whether I've just gotten up from sleep. It's a bit tiring as most of my classes are after the recess.
Something bothers me though. I'm worried of driving an auto car when i'm tired and sleepy. I'm afraid I would fell asleep while driving. -_-". This was why I prefer a manual ones to be compared to an auto car. I guess I need to go back early everyday or take a short nap first before heading home. I really need to  change my afternoon schedule.

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  1. hahahaha...tak senonoh tol lah si Ian tu tido :D

    1. Tak sedo diri namanya tu.. Perasan kecik agaknya..

  2. Replies
    1. Mami punya teddy yang dah jadi harta dia. Masa dia kecik, sbelum ada Julie, bear tu la kawan dia. Siap gonggong gi sana sini lagi.. ^_^


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