Friday, July 13, 2012

Sports Day.

I've always love sports day ever since I started my early education in kindergrten. I could still remember I ran as fast as the lightning (masa tu la), and won. I entered the eating apple competition and many more during my kindy days. I could still remember wearing my red t-shirt and white shorts.
When I was in my
education, I entered lots of events and took home lots of prizes and medals as well. During my secondary education, I represented my sports house in the 1500m for 5 consequetive years and had never won any placings...not even once. Hehe..
Now, I still love sports day. BUT there were certain things made me despise the sports day somehow..
Satu. Provokasi melampau.
Dua. Lepas tangan tapi bila bercakap kemain lagi bergegor dunia.
Sangat menyakitkan hati.
Esok sukan dan saya takda rasa semangat nak bersukan esok. Bukan sebab rumah dapat tempat corot..tapi beberapa insiden buat saya rasa nak berhenti dari buat apa-apa dan sukati korangla nak buat macamana pun. Saya dah plan baekkk punya supaya tak menyusahkan ahli jemaah lain dan tak kira penat lelah, masa, wang ringgit yang keluar. Tapi ada jugak yang buat-buat tuli.
I'm just the second man in the house but it seemed that as if the leader.
Fine. I'll resign after the sports day ends tomorrow. I've had enough. Tahun depan nak tukar rumah lain.
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