Saturday, July 17, 2010

Floria 2010

As promised... Pictures taken at Floria 2010 at Putrajaya... Esok dah last dah, hari ni baru nak update.. heh.. sorry guys. I had lots of busy days for the past weeks.. no.. months it seemed. I went there with ma, achik, abg cik and afiqah. Gambar banyak sangat. Jadi J gabung menjadi ini...

Ma bought anak pokok kayu manis. She had been looking for it for quite some time. And finally, she found it. Seronoknya tak terkata... heheh... Rasa macam tahun ni macam kureng best. Tahun lepas dan sebelumnya lebih menarik rasanya. Anyhow, Pamerannya tinggal esok je lagi. Sila serbu segera... ^_^

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