Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Winner is Shah Indrawan!

I watched the Grand Final One In A Million 3 last night. I didn't go to the stadium but I watched it at home. Am I a supporter of Tomok? Yupp! hehehe..

I was very skeptical towards him previously. As I watched him from week to week. He has proven that he had totally changed. From a tangkap-leleh and sengau singer into a way too much better now.

To prove that Paul Moss & Shafinaz puji Tomok sakan. I remebered him (Paul) said It was a classy performance after tomok delivered his 2nd song. Dah memang dia je yang outstanding last night.

I was very satisfied with his performance and also his victory to be the first male champion for this program. Hope he'll continue the same effort and maintain his excellent performance throughout his career. Go Tomok!!!

nota kaki: eceh.... Tak percaya ek J sokong Tomok? Percaya lah.. hihii..

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