Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cave Of the Colorful Blanket

He's afraid of the rain, the sound of heavy ones to be precise. So I built a hideout for him.

He stayed in obediently in there until Julie came and fish him out when the rain stopped.


J: *tepuk dahi*

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  1. leh geng dgn si Merah penakut ujan tp Merah suka nyorok bwh meja hehe..

    p/s: percubaan kali keempat utk mengomen. geram tol lah ngan Blogger ni huhh!!

  2. Hehe.. Sebenarnya, ian nyorok bawah meja gak. Tp mata melilau sana sini, macam berperasaan masih tak selamat. Tu yang buat khemah tu lat dia. Baru nampak rilek sket. Hehe

  3. Ian ade sejarah hitam ke sampai takut hujan?

    1. Hehe.. Takde.. Serba serbi macam2 takut dak ni.


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