Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pai Kentang

My aunty learned how to make a pie. But she learned to make the apple pie. However the taste doesn't suit our tastebuds... hehe.. its not that it was not delicious, maybe the ingredient for the apple didn't follow the exact way of doing it. Today.. we made another one. Instead of apple I suggested the minced meat and also potatoes. So.. the filling will be like the currypuff filling... My aunty mixed the dough and I prepared the filling. And it became this....

Resepi? untuk dough, aku tak berapa nak pasti.. rasanya lebih baik kalau cari sendiri. Takut tersilap resepi, nanti keras macam batu pulak.. yang ni pun dah agak-agak nak keras jugak, mungkin kurang majerin kot? kalau untuk filling tu boleh lah. Lebih kurang macam buat inti karipap jer... ;)

- 2 sudu besar cili kering yg sudah dikisar dgn bawang merah dan bawang putih
- 2 sudu besar rempah kari daging
- daging cincang sebungkus
- kentang secukup rasa
- air, garam & etc secukup rasa

Tumis cili, rempah kari sampai mati minyak (masak la tu). Masukkan daging. Agak-agak dah separuh masak, masukkan kentang. Tak perlu sampai kentang tu empuk. Separuh empuk pun dah cukup sebab nanti nak bakar dalam oven lagi.

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