Friday, December 12, 2008

Fahaheel Sea

Satu pagi kononnya nak pergi jogging.. bukannya jogging pun sebenarnya. jalan-jalan di waktu pagi dengan 2 sepupu aku, Atikah & Ikhwan. That morning was quite cold and windy. When i woke up that morning, I found my nose bleed. So I have to wear that blue towel to cover my nose from breathing in the cold and dry air.

the tallest and biggest tree that can be found everywhere were the date trees. As you can see in the picture, those plants were planted everywhere as the divider of the main road.

Underneath pokok kurma, I will wait for youu... Dah letih jalan lepak jap bawah pokok kurma.

The background is The Sultan Center and also Al Kout town.

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