Saturday, December 14, 2013

Morning Market Popcorn

While chatting with fellow friends on whatsapp, someone mention going to the cinema to watch Hobbit 2 and buy popcorns instead if the theatre is full.

There's no TGV cinema here in my hometown as my favourite popcorn would be from that cinema. There's one small cinema but I don't really favour theirs. So, I went to a morning market near a kampung. I found a stall selling popcorns.

I didn't straightaway buy the popcorn but I did a little observation from afar. Everytime the popcorns pops, fell out from the pot, people will be gathering around the stall and bought them. The colour of the pop corn changes from pink to green to yellow and they repeat..Non stop!

Then only I decided to buy one myself and they tasted good! The sweetness, saltiness and crunchiness were really satisfying. I even have to giveway to Mak Iti too as she seemed to liked it. ^_^

This one will be in my 'must buy list' whenever I go to the morning market again next time.

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