Sunday, June 16, 2013

The sceptical me.

I usually don't really believe in health related goods, sold by all sorts of direct selling. I always felt like it is a need to give it a test beforehand.

My aunt bought this last year. It is called GUASA. I kind of did not believe that this piece of small thin thing could relieve anything. Not until last night, I had a bad migrain after spending a day out with my family at the shopping mall nearby. I tried to get some sleep. After I woke up the pain was still there. :( then my aunt gave me her guasa and asked me to rub it on my head.

Mom rubbed the guasa on my head. It felt painful when the guasa touched and moved on the skin of my head. If there's nothing wrong with the area that you rubbed on, you'll feel no pain at all. Since, I had a terrible headache, it felt really painful eventhough mom didn't press the guasa too hard while rubbing it on my head 

After a few rubs, the headache slowly fade away. Alhamdulillah...

So..should I get one?
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  1. Air rebusan daun serai elok untuk migrain

    1. Oh ya? Pertama kali dengar ni. Sesekali je kena migrain ni. Mungkin boleh di cuba lain kali terima kasih.


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