Monday, May 21, 2012

Junk.. not junk food.

An activity done with the kids before going into a new chapter. I got the template during my visit to the Maritime Museum, Singapore recently.

So I scanned the template on paper cards. Asked them to cut them out and joined them into a junk aka old ship.

Among them, there's one kid who didn't listen to my instruction. It looked funny! Hehe..

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  1. zaman i dlu2...buat kapai lipat2 keretas je.

    1. haah.. tu dah biasa... saje bagi adventure sikit.. :)

  2. canggih kapal budak2 skrg nih...
    dulu lipat2 kertas jer...pastu letak lam longkang time ujan..hehehe

  3. Hehe.. Kapal lipat2 diorang dah biasa main kalau banjir, sebab majoriti rumah diorang kat kawasan banjir. :)


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