Monday, January 19, 2009

Some interesting things I found in Kuwait

Bila nampak teaset nih.. cantik sangat... maklumlah I like purple colour...2 teapot, 6 small cute cups and saucers dan 6 small glasses. Rasa nak beli sangat dah.. bila tanya harga satu set 52KD.. mak aih... kalau darab dgn 13.++ dah bape dah..?? terus kensel.. :(

Fulla.. So cute. Nasib baik I'm not sooo into Barbie Dolls. So.. ambik gambar ajer lah . Price... almost RM100 la jugak.

Kotex.. I like the packaging. Simple and modern. Made in Saudi Arabia. Traffic light dia ade dua. The big one, on top. The smaller one kat bawah.. Comel jer..
I found this signboard. Terigt kat KFC Malaysia... Disini mostly the signboard will be in both Arab & English Language. Contohnya kalau McDonald. Ejaan dlm arab, mim-kaf-dal-wau-nun-lam-dal...
This is the best part... very kinky.. They DO buy these and wear them at home... for their husband's eye only hokey!!!

Last sekali.. terjumpa terung ni. Nak beli terung untuk masak kari ikan masin. Terjumpalah terung nih. Subhanallah ciptaan Allah...

(ACtually I found one that really resembles 'that'.. tapi takmo le buh sini... huhuhu..)

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