Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Holiday

Happy Chinese New Year to you (if u celebrate lah... ^-^)
I know I've rested enough during my 1 month trip tp Kuwait, therefore this CNY break is not really a holiday for me. As soon as I reached hometown, my auntie insists me to accompany her to the computer shop. She needs a new monitor and a new laptop. We went in and out all the computer shops nearby. She still couldn't find the one. CNY is so near and they're closing. She wanted DELL. So I suggested her to buy DELL online. And this phrase will always comes out from her "Alaa... Achik tak gheti... Macam mana nak buat?" Obviously, she's not an IT savvy. Guided her step by step... done.

The next day, she invited me and mom to join her kids swimming at TJSB Recreation centre. Since we got nothing to do, I followed. It was a sunny day, and I brought along my school work. It feels nice to sit under a big umbrella by the pool next to the sea. The coolness of the sea breeze is very refreshing... Late in the afternoon I joined my cousin playing tennis. Not really good at it, I just play for fun. Before we went home, the sky started to darkened and manage to snap this view...

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