Thursday, November 27, 2008

First entry..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

I've been browsing through other's blogs for a start. It started off from the blogs in the Friendster, Blogspot, photoblogs in the Fotopages and many more. I was inspired by how people are able to write and keep on writing to express what they feel inside them. Macam mana la mereka ni boleh didatangi idea-idea yang melimpah ruah nak update kadang-kadang 5/6 update dalam satu hari. Not only that, they're able and willing to share their life, informations, secrets, tales, pictures, videos, happiness, sadness, anger, dissatisfaction... and perhaps many other things through their writings.

I've started writing in my hi5 blog. Which was sadly started off because of somebody that I hate most at that time. Kat situ la aku luahkan apa yang aku rasa. When I registered into Friendster, I continued writing blogs there. Suka jugak sebab boleh buh gambar and also captions within my writings.. Later I carried on with Yahoo 360 blogs.. I posted lots of entries there... Senang.. cumanya tak dapat upload banyak gambar. Cuma satu je gambar untuk every entry.. Then my lecturer, En Azizi, introduced me to the Facebook. Dan aku pun mula la update my entries in there... dan sekarang I've made up my mind to blog my entires here.. I hope by writingin this blog I can share with you guys out there something that you might learn about new things that you might not know before, and at the same time, aku bolh luahkan atau cerita apa-apa yg aku nak cerita kat sini...

Before I end.. i would Like to thank these people, Imran, Mr Manager, Red Diva, for inspiring me to start writing bit by bit... here and there.. Harapannya penglibatan aku dalam blog ini akan berterusan. ;)

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  1. Hi Miss J. Wah! Congrats sebab dah ada blog sendiri sekarang ni. I bet you'll fall in love with blogging in no time. Rasa sayang kita tu semakin bertambah bila hari demi hari kita tgk blog entries kita bertambah satu demi satu.

    Selamat dtg ke dunia blog ;)


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