Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unexpected result for a sleepyhead

I took a ProELT progress test about a month ago... and received the results today. 

It was a surprise to see my unexpected result. Overall... Alhamdulillah.... I did well, and I still couldn't believe that my trainer gave me full marks for my writing test (a test which I fear most of the time) Reading her comments made me feel like it's not meant for me. But hey... this is REAL!!! It's written specially for ME! 

Anyhow, I'm happy that she actually notices me in class (which I were often a sleepyhead..hahaha...) I hope that I can maintain my focus, achievement and good results and really looking forward to get C2 for my APTIST test next year. 

J: Wishing that my self-esteem is as excellent as what she commented. 

1 comment:

  1. woah!!! excellent job!! and be confident of it ms. J!! :D


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