Monday, March 30, 2015

Packing, Moving out, Unpacking, Adjusting, Adapting and so on...

Hi all...

I was having quite a tough time packing, moving out, unpacking, adjusting, adapting and at the same time, spending quality time with my dearest mom, Mak Iti. 

It feels awkward after some time I didn't update my blog. It appears in my mind and sometimes I feel like I want to stop writing. But.. I think I should start writing back as I had a lot of free time I guess..

I have lots things to share... but... let me 'belanja' you a picture of me in front of Legoland.. (went there in December 2014) 

Till the next update. 

Miss J


    7500 iptv channels only 5 euro/usd
    /europe/usa/asia/arabic/latino/russian channels....


Nak cakap apa tadi? Sila..sila..

Teachers and their free time...

A teacher somewhere in your neighborhood tonight will be grading papers and preparing lessons to teach your children while you are watching television. In the minute it takes you to read this, teachers all over the world are using their "free time", and often investing their own money, for your child's literacy, prosperity, and future.

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