Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Yes.. I'm nervous and actually shivered upon receiving this letter.

I didn't expect this. 

This is something BIG.

If I made it through, lots of changes and adjustments needed to be arranged. Which means...I have to stop dealing with kids but work with teachers instead. It'll be much more challenging in dealing with adults ..I guess.. Working hours will not be as flexible as what I'm currently in. I forsee lots of travelling day in and out because I've been informed that the vacancy is not in my zone.. it's in the other part of KL. I get exhausted easily and this worries me because I've fallen asleep a few times while driving for the past 6 years. The sad part is.. Bye-bye looonnnggg school holidays...

 The best part is only my gred will be upgraded instantly...and more to come (easily) after that. not ready mentally. 

P/S: the interview is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

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Teachers and their free time...

A teacher somewhere in your neighborhood tonight will be grading papers and preparing lessons to teach your children while you are watching television. In the minute it takes you to read this, teachers all over the world are using their "free time", and often investing their own money, for your child's literacy, prosperity, and future.

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