Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Decorating The Class

First of all.. I'd like to wish all of you readers, Happy New Year!!

As usual, on the 1st of January, I'll spend my morning in my classroom. Decorating and adding a little decorations and information on the boards. Literally, there's no softboard or noticeboard in my class since every year my class will be opened to be the exam hall for UPSR.

Therefore, I need to made it up(as u can see in the photo). Sugar papers and a little border printed out from the computer and a small header on top of it.

Since the the walls are foldable doors, I pasted laminated tulips made from coloured papers on it. It had been blooming brightly since last year. I just add a few butterflies with moral values in Malay Language on it.

Simple and cute. I think it's cute. Love it!

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  1. wahh fink kaler ai loike!! ^^

    selamat mengajar cikgu ehehe...

    1. Nampak je ye kaler fink tu.. hehe..
      Thanks MM. ^_^


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