Monday, September 30, 2013


Muka perengus. Tapi hati ada baik punya. Walau kena sembur bagai nak rak dengan Ian, Julie dan Jebat..dia tetap cool tak balas pun. Kalau dia boleh get along betul-betul dengan budak bertiga tu.. I would really love to keep him permanently.

Unfortunately, my kids can't tolerate Nyet at all. Eventhough Jebat can play with Nyet but Nyet had become his bully victim. Macam mana Julie buat Jebat, Macam tu la Jebat buat kat Nyet. T.T he went home with my parents last week.

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  1. alahai sian nyet..takpe la jd anak emas kat kg tu yer hehe


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