Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadhan #5

This man was waiting for his customer long before I did my shopping inside the Mydin Supemarket. I took a quick look at the sole of my slippers on my feet. Obviously it needed to be fixed.

So I went to him and hand in my slippers to him. It made me his first customer for the day. After a few seconds, two ladies came and leave their slippers with few instructions on what to be done and what to be fixed. I smiled...

I always notice this. As soon as Mak Iti and I entered an empty shop or restaurant.. after a few seconds more people will come in too!!  Am always glad that I can somehow help them to gain some profit that day. Alhamdulillah...

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  1. err nak tnya sket leh mydin selayang kan..cikgu ngajar dekat2 cni kew?

    1. Mmm....nak kata dekat tu.. tak de la dekat sangat. Tapi kawasan tu kira kawasan jajahan shopping terdekat la jugak selain Kepong Village. ^_^ ntah-ntah pernah berselisih tak?


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