Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Sweet Moment Together

Sometimes after I came back from work, I'll need a short nap. Usually I'll always slept in front of the tv. One rainy day, I dozed off like I always do.(apatah lagilah bila hujan, lagi syok mata ni mengecik) But... it lasted just for a few minutes when Julian snuggled next to me and made my arm his pillow. And the best part was, he made a fuss when I moved a bit to reach my phone to capture our moment together! -_-'' melampau tau!!

Oh anak mami sayang.... Nak marah pun tak sampai hati.
Penyudahnya dia sedap lena, J pulak terkebil-kebil terjaga!!!!! -_-''


  1. ja, manje nye ian ni....geram plak aku...heheheh

  2. kalau J tutup mata sure similar muka u all ofkoz without hair version la haha!

  3. kann...dorang ni ada ilmu mencairkan hati agaknya kan hehe..

  4. Su: mmg manja sangat. Setiapkali aku baring depan tv, dia mesti nak baring sebelah.

    DC: haha.. dah jaga tak leh pejam dah!

    MM: Kann??? ^_^


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